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Vote for Herb to join the Museum of Broadcast Communication's
Radio Hall of Fame

Herb, after appearing on the ballot in 2000, has not been included again. So we are starting our campaign to seek Herb's nomination for the 2010 ballot. We especially need industry leaders who remember Herb to write to the Radio Hall of Fame urging them to place Herb on next year's ballot.

Send your letters to:

The Radio Hall of Fame
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I am a Nitecap:

I believe in the Nitecap movement as a great vehicle to make the sentiment of the "brotherhood of man" among all nations, creeds and races a fact . . . not merely a saying.

I believe it is my obligation as a Nitecap not to carp and criticize, and to support and encourage my fellow Nitecaps to this end.

I hereby pledge myself to the building and support of the Nitecaps International Association (NIA), its founder, Herb Jepko, this Nitestand and every sincere Nitecap.

I will seek and exalt the good I find in all persons and seek to overlook their errors and weaknesses, just as I trust others will accept me with my strengths and weaknesses.

I will do all in my power to help build the Nitecap organization and to carry out all its projects designed to lend friendship, comfort and pleasure to all persons, particularly the ill, aged and unfortunate.

Patsy and Herb


NITECAP Audio Clips



Click on the record cover to enter our NIA Audio Library. You can listen to Don Ray sing the "Nitecap Song," "The Nitecap Lullaby," and my personal favorite, "The Ballad of Herb."

You can also listen to a 1978 call to Herb from the Gold Coast Nitestand secretary, and the MBS intro.

Requires mp3 compatible player






Click HERE to order a copy of the book, Sounds in the Dark: All Night Radio in American Life, by Michael C. Keith from Iowa State Press. Mike's book includes a short essay I wrote on the history of the Nitecap International Association and has lots of other comments about Herb from Rollye James, Larry King and others. You can find Mike's other books on his website at michaelckeith.com.

Click on the Sounds in the Dark book cover to read a slightly longer history of the Nitecap Radio Network than what was published in the book. (Requires Adobe Acrobat.)






The Wick was published by Nitecaps Radio International from June 1965 to 1979.

Patsy Jepko generously made her complete collection available, and we now have photocopies or originals of every issue.

We are interested in obtaining originals of all issues, for donation to the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago.

Please write if you come across any original copies of The Wick, or if you would like us to look up a specific issue for you.



Can KSL restrict commercials aired on affiliated stations? What quality phone line is needed for a talk radio show with no music? How will remote broadcast requests be handled? How can KSL be absolutely certain affiliate station contracts with AFTRA or IBEW unions will not be binding on KSL? What will be the impact of multiple time zones?

A fascinating look into the management decision making process at KSL in December 1967, and the relationship between KSL management and Nitecap representatives at a time when the show was attempting to establish a contract with its first affiliate, KXIV in Phoenix.

If you can help identify any of the people present at this meeting, please contact me!







"Nitestand" was the name Nitecap listeners gave to their local social service organizations. At the peak of the show, in about 1975, there were over 80 registered Nitestands.

Only one is left, the one here at Nitecaps.net.

We'd love to hear from you!

Before dropping us a note,
read messages posted by other Nitecaps on "The Last Nitestand"

by clicking HERE.



Oh, there's Tinkerbell . . .





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12 August 2016

One of these days I'm going to update this site. For now, I'm uploading it as it was five years ago, but now with a new hosting company with some new bells and whistles. As soon as I learn a few of those, I'll add them here. Any ideas, suggestions, complaints or just to share about the weather in your part of the Nitecap Cosmos, just drop us an email HERE.


MAY 2016 - Dr. Miles Romney, PhD earns his PhD with a dissertation titled: "A Historical Examination of Interactive Overnight Talk Radio from the Foundations Established by Herb Jepko."

You can read it HERE. S


4 April 2011 -- LATEST UPDATES

1) Ebay has Nitecap Record for sale. Auction ends April 10th. See:


"Gold Leaf Records # J-104 - The ballad Of Herb / Mr. Jepko & Nitecap Lullaby b/w The Nitecap Song by Don Ray - original pressing - fan club-type record honoring DJ & Radio Personality Herb Jepko (pioneered the syndicated late-night talk radio format) & his 1960's Nitecaps program.

Vinyl visually grades VG to VG+ w/ some very light scuffs & scratches. Labels show very light spindle wear. Cover shows light storage wear."


2) I'll be attending the NAB convention April 9 to 14 in Las Vegas. If you'll be there and would like to created a Nitecaps Meetup, email me at: drbuchman@gmail.com

3) Lots more to be announced later this month/early May -- including downloadable mp3s of all known Nitecap recordings, updates to this site, pdfs of issues of The Wick, updates to the Last Nitestand Page, and other incentives designed to encourage donations to the Herb Jepko Scholarship Fund.



31 March 2011

March 20, 1931 - March 31, 1995

There's Tinkerbell. . . . Rest in Peace Herb



20 March 2011

Today would have been Herb's 80th birthday. Thanks to everyone who has sent Birthday greetings, both here (nightynitecaps@gmail.com), and on Facebook.

Please support the scholarhip fund at the University of Utah (information below), and keep Herb, his family and Nitecaps everywhere in your thoughts and prayers.

And THANKS again to Rollye James and the terrific Nitecap Tribute Shows!

drbuchman @ gmail . com



4 March 2011 -- Look for a complete site redesign/update later this month!

THANKS to ROLLYE JAMES for the terrific Nitecaps Tribute Show last night -- www.rollye.net

(If you missed the show, the mp3 of all three hours is available for downloading (3/3/11), along with the tribute show from 2/17/10, (plus other gems of the best of Rollye James!)) at



THANKS to Popular Communications Magazine (March 2011 edition) for the wonderful article on the Nitecap Show --

      http://www.popular-communicati ons.com/pc_highlights/2011_pc/ 0311_pc/0311_pc_toc.jpg s(see page 76)


Join us on Facebook! Just send a friend request to Herb --



3 March 2011 Patsy, a spry 85 now, sends her "warm wishes and love to all Nitecaps everywhere."

She asked me to tell you:

           "Those years were the best years of my life. Herb loved you all so much.
            I am so tickled, and know Herb would be so very pleased, that those of you who were teenagers back then, still remember the show.   

            Please keep me, and please keep each other, in your prayers."


3 March 2011 == SCHOLARSHIP UPDATE ==

First University of Utah Herb Jepko Memorial Scholarship to be awarded to a student interested in Talk Radio in April 2012!!

The current value of the Scholarship fund in $8,995.00. Cindy and I have made a commitment to donate another $1,500.00 by May of next year. Under the University of Utah development center policies, a named scholarship must have at least $10,000.00 in principal. (Most have over $25,000.00). If you enjoy this website and were in some way positively impacted by Herb Jepko and the Nitecap show, then PLEASE, if you would, Donate to this scholarship fund:

Donations can be made via checks made payable to "The University of Utah Scholarship Fund for Herb Jepko" mailed to:

The University of Utah
Development Office
201 President's Circle, Room 304
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

or by credit card:

800 716-0377 (801 581-6825 in the SLC area)

or via the University of Utah's secure website:


(Type "Herb Jepko Scholarship Fund" under the option for, "If none of the above, specify.")


7 January 2010

Patsy celebrated her 84th birthday yesterday. Among her presents were the cards many Nitecaps sent (it's not too late to send a belated birthday card -- Patsy Jepko C/O Joe Buchman, 175 Paradise Road, Park City, UT 84098), some of "The Crusher's" famous no-flour peanut butter cookies which my 12-year old daughter Anna baked to perfection (you can find the recepie in the Last Nightstand pages), flowers . . . and most importantly a spiral bound printout of all the emails and messages which have been sent over the past few years (double spaced and in a 14 point type so she could read it without her glasses -- 114 pages in all!).

Patsy was joined by her daughter Kitty, and Kitty's new husband Walter. The four of us told stories, shared memories and had a wonderful time. We all shared how much we wished Herb could have joined us. He would be turning 79 years old this coming March 20th . . .

Patsy called today to thank all of us for the wonderful gifts and to let you know that she could only make it through half of the printed messages from you all before she was overcome with tears of joy to know how much Herb meant to so many of us, and that we still remember.

She is surprised, delighted, and a bit curious to imagine there are still so many Nitecaps left "out there."

She said: "You all must have been a bunch of young boys listening to the show all those years ago."

I'd not realized most of our emails on The Last Nite Stand are indeed from guys. Some of us in college at the time -- 30 years ago; and all of us more likely to find this place on the Internet, I suppose, than any younger women who may have been listening at the time. . . . She's going to try reading through the rest of the emails later this week and weekend, but she told me it was the best birthday she has had in some time, and wishes all of us good health and the Spirit of Brotherhood that the show was designed to create.

Patsy said, "You know Herb was not a fake. He truly loved, really loved each one of his listeners. That's how he could remember their names and so much about them. He truly cared, and I miss him so much."

Thanks to everyone here for helping to keep both his memory, and the Spirit of Brotherhood he wanted for all of us alive, and for helping Patsy to have one of the best birthdays ever . . .



6 January 2010

Lynn Arave of the Deseret News has published an article about the Herb Jepko Scholarship Fund we are trying to establish at the University of Utah.

"Some 15 years after his death, Herb Jepko, a legendary Utah radio host, is still having an impact on broadcasting. Although Jepko passed away in 1995, a new University of Utah scholarship program is being established in his honor. There's also a new Web site and a Facebook page to preserve the memories of this radio pioneer. Jepko used to host and produce the "Nitecaps" syndicated program, the nation's first nighttime network talk show."Nitecaps" has been referred to as . . . "

Read the rest of the article HERE.

On behalf of Nitecaps everywhere, THANKS Lynn!



1 January 2010

Herb Jepko is on FACEBOOK!

If you are on FACEBOOK and would like to make Herb a friend of yours, just send us a request. His Facebook page has only been up for 24 hours, and already a couple of his high school classmates, and a former co-worker have found us. If you're not on Facebook, it's easy, fun and a great way to re-connect with old friends, or current ones who are on there. www.facebook.com

Also, Herb is on WIKIPEDIA. You can read (and, if you like, edit) the article about him by clicking HERE.

More updates coming soon, as well as information about our 46th Anniversary Nitecap show (February 11th 2010) and celebration of what would have been Herb's 79th birthday (March 21st 2010).


31 December 2009 -- Happy NEW Year!

Hard to believe over a year and a half has passed since I last updated this site.

My apologies to everyone who has written over those months, nightynitecaps@gmail.com is a valid email address which I promise to check regularly from now on. I thought I had it set up to forward to my personal account. The forwarding was not working, and I mistakenly assumed that no one had written in over a year. On average the site generates about one email from a nitecap every other month (as well as a bit of spam). I now have it set up to forward to my personal email, which I'll also share with you when you write to nightynitecaps@gmail.com.

Earlier today I spoke with Patsy Jepko Brown. She is doing as well as can be expected for age 84, but is mostly homebound and would welcome letters, cards and notes from Nitecaps. If you would like her landmail address, email nightynitecaps@gmail.com and we will be pleased to send it to you.

Be sure to check out the Last NiteStand Page for the most recent emails from Nitecaps around the world.

And all the best wishes for 2010. Rollye James and I are planning a tribute show for Herb on February 11th -- what would have been the 46th anniversary of the show.

Stay tuned for more information on that . . .


Media scholar Donna Halper has authored two wonderful articles about Herb and the Nitecaps. The first ran in Radio World in July 2008, see: http://www.rwonline.com/article/64910 and the most recent was published by the Daily Courier in Prescott Arizona this past October, see: http://prescottdailycourier.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&subsectionID=1&articleID=73083.

On behalf of Nitecaps everywhere, Thanks Donna!!

Donna also sent the following:

Deseret News (Salt Lake City), October 29, 1996, p.5


Della Dame Edmunds, age 92, passed away October 27, 1996 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

She was born December 5, 1903 in Fillmore, Utah, to Mary Alice Broadhead Payne and LeRoy Dame.
She married Glen Edmunds on March 6, 1944 in Los Angeles, California.

She was an artist and a professional singer and composed 80 songs and 200 poems during her life. She sang in the Tabernacle Choir. She wrote the song for Herb Jepko's Nite Cap show in 1966 which aired for 15 years on KSL Radio.  She also had published several other songs including The Nifty Fifty, I Won't Let My Ancestors Down, and recently, A Baby Dressed in White. Her songs were performed often in many parts of the world.

She was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and dedicated much of her life to genealogy. She had a noble spirit and shared all she created with family and friends.

Survived by one sister, Bonnie D. Nelson of St. George, Utah; many nieces and nephews, and grandnieces and nephews who cherished Aunt Della. She was preceded in death by her husband, Glen and four brothers, Fred, Robert, John and Merrill (Bud) and one sister, Geniel D. Norrie.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 11 a.m., October 30, 1996 at Larkin Mortuary, 260 East South Temple, where friends may call on Tuesday, October 29, 1996 from 6 to 8 p.m. and Wednesday one hour prior to services. Interment, Fillmore City Cemetery, 4 p.m.

28 March 2008

Monday will mark the 13th year since Herb's passing. A couple of weeks ago I visited his gravesite here in Salt Lake City, Utah. It's a quiet peaceful place. Herb died too young, too soon.

Patsy remains in good spirits and in good health.

I've produced a Partial Index to the Wick which I hope you'll enjoy and find valuable.

Please contribute to the Scholarship Fund at the University of Utah as you are able. I hope to create some cafepress Nitecap items in the near future, to use for fundraising. Stay tuned.



2 January 2008

It's been a challenging couple of years (more details on that later) and part of the impact of that was my failure to renew www.nitecaps.org. Now some web reseller wants $1,750 for it! Guess they think there's a big market for online "night cap" sales. So I've moved things here, to nitecaps.net. Sorry for having things disappear for over two years.

The scholarship fund at the University of Utah continues to grow (please donate! See details below). All but about $100.00 has come from my wife Cindy and I. It's now a bit over $5,000.00 but $10,000.00 is needed before it will become a permanent, named scholarship. We've been donating $100.00 a month and covering the (minimal) expenses for this site since it was first established.

Patsy Jepko Brown is in good health. Sadly her husband, and dear friend of ours,Woody Brown passed away in April 2006.

Look for more updates over the coming months, and drop me a note to let me know you've found the new site.




15 February 2007

Lynn Arave published a article in today's Deseret News:

Who was the most influential Utah radio host in the past century of the medium's history?

The answer may vary with whom you ask, but I'm firmly sticking with Herb Jepko, who used to host and produce the "Nitecaps" syndicated program, the nation's first nighttime network talk show. . .

Read the rest of the article HERE

28 March 2005

Thursday March 31st will mark the 10th anniversary of Herb's passing.

Craig Wirth, Tim Larson and I will be gathering to remember Herb and his contributions at the University Park Mariott Lounge from 7:00pm to 8:30pm or so. We'd like to invite all interested Nitecaps to join us then. We'll share our memories, stories and gratitude for the difference Herb made to radio and in the lives of millions of listeners, including us, and doubtless raise a glass or two to Herb's memory. We hope you can join us.


11 February 2005

Forty-one years ago, on February 11th 1964, Herb Jepko opened a microphone into a crisp Rocky Mountain night blanketed by the 50,000 watt signal of KSL radio to begin what would become a 30 year adventure and ultimately create the first ever network talk show.

From Larry King to Art Bell and Donahue to Ellen, Herb was the pioneer who opened the way for countless others to create their success in this medium.

In celebration, I've updated the Last NiteStand Page (latest update: January 2010) with all the best wishes from Nitecaps who have found this site over the past three years. (Thanks to Rollye James (www.rollye.net), Don Barrett (www.LAradio.com) and the National Radio Club (www.nrcdxas.org) for their links to this site.)

If you’ve not sent us a message yet, please drop us a line. There are dozens of Nitecaps who would love to hear from you!



February 11th 2004 marked the 40th anniversary of the first "Nitecap" broadcast on KSL radio.
Rollye James dedicated an hour of her show that night to memories of Herb.

The February 10th 2004
Rollye James Show
broadcast of


LISTEN to the February 10th, 2004 ROLLYE JAMES SHOW tribute to Herb Jepko broadcast here


The Utah Association of Broadcaster's inducted Herb Jepko into their
Hall of Fame on Tuesday June 3rd 2003

The ceremony was attended by Herb's widow, Patsy Jepko Brown; their daughter Kitty Brown; former editor of The Wick, Marie Springer, other Nitecaps and fans of the show. One of the highlights was a five minute video documentary produced by students in the communications program at the University of Utah. Copies of that documentary are available in return for donations to the Herb Jepko Memorial Scholarship at the University of Utah.

PHOTOS and additional information about Herb's Hall of Fame induction can be found by clicking HERE.


Also now available on the website is the audio portion of a ten minute documentary on the Nitecap show which aired on KUTV's news magazine program titled "EXTRA." It appears to have been produced in early 1979. Craig Wirth writes, "The host introducing the piece is Lucky Severson - who went on to be NBC bureau chief in Japan and now does work for NPR and a show on PBS called Religion and Ethics. He lives in Virginia. . . . The producer of that piece is Judy Hallet, who now lives in Washington, D.C. It was one of her few on air appearances."

To hear the audio portion of this documentary, go to our Nitecap Audio Clips page below.



My first job in radio was running the board for The Nitecap Radio Network from midnight to 6:00 a.m. on 250-watt WXVW AM 1450 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. I remember those long, lonely nights well; listening to Nitecaps from around the country interact with Herb, discuss the activities of their Nitestands, the latest article in The Wick, their grandchildren, recipes (often with Herb's pal "The Crusher"), and opening a window to what was, truly, a radio family.

Long before the Internet, "real-time chat," and the "world-wide web" there was the old-technology, radio-net, cyber-family of the Nitecaps.

This website is dedicated to that spirit of broadcasting -- bringing people together, creating a true "brotherhood of man." -- Joseph G. Buchman, Ph.D.